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Operation process of pipe bending machine

Tube type neat,

Design and the exhaust pipe to avoid big circular arc, any curve, composite bending and the circular arc is greater than 180 °. Big circular arc not only the tooling bulky, and restrictions on the size of pipe bender machine; Any curve, composite curved design modelling is not very reasonable, greatly hindered the mechanization and automation of production, make the operator is difficult to get rid of heavy physical labor; More than 180 ° arc discharge pipe bender can't die.

Standardization of bending radius

Bending radius to achieve "a tube of a mode" and "more pipe mould". For a pipe, or have a few bending, bending Angle, the bending radius can only have one, because the pipe bending machine will not be changed in the process of bending module, which is "a tube of a mold. And "manifold exactly ?"

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